Why Frozen Fruits Are Important to Whole Nutrition

Frozen food often gets a bad reputation for being less healthy and nutritious than fresh fruits and vegetables. You may find yourself asking “Is frozen fruit healthy?” every time you hear someone advertise a frozen fruit bar or promote adding frozen fruit to your morning smoothies instead of fresh fruits. The truth is, frozen fruit is just as, if not more, healthy than fresh fruit.

The most important reason that frozen fruit is actually more nutritious than fresh fruit is that the concept of “fresh” is relative. In order to ensure that the fruit and vegetables presented in the supermarket are ripe despite being harvested often thousands of miles away from the store you visit to buy them, many growers harvest the fruit before it is completely ripe. If they harvested it at the peak of freshness, it would be spoiled by the time it reached most areas of the country.

Therein lies the key difference between so-called “fresh” fruits and frozen ones. Frozen fruits are picked after they have had the chance to fully ripen. Fruits that are left on the tree, vine, or bush that they grow on naturally have more time to absorb all the nutrients that we so desperately need in our diet. If a fruit is picked before it is fully ripe, it is lacking many nutrients that it would have had if it had been allowed to ripen naturally.

If a company is picking fruit to freeze, they often pick it during the perfect season, under the perfect conditions, because it does not have to travel a thousand miles or more to a supermarket – it simply has to be flash frozen as is. Freezing the fruit keeps all of its nutrients intact, and since it had more nutrients than a fresh fruit you’d have picked up at the grocery store to begin with, you are actually getting more of the wholesome goodness you desire.

Potentially the greatest part about frozen fruit, all nutritional information aside, is how easy it factors into healthy children’s eating habits. Some children love bananas and peaches, others refuse to eat any fruit at all. Disguising frozen fruit as a smoothie, or likening it to a popsicle, significantly increases a parent’s chances of getting their children to willingly eat fruit. If you’re the parent of a picky eater, adding frozen fruit to your freezer’s stockpile is a great way to keep the nutrition going around the whole family, for yourself, your kids, and anyone else who lives with you!

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