The froozer difference

All We Say Is No, No, No.

Yes! Froozer is the first product made with 100% whole fruit plus NO purees,
NO added juice, NO water, and NO added sugar.

Froozer is

  • The next best thing to eating fruit right off the tree. WHY? Our fresh fruits are picked at their peak of ripeness, flash-frozen whole and blended for optimal taste, nutrition and digestion. That’s what we call a triple threat.
  • 100% pure fruit. WHY? Our low-calorie products are free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, preservatives, sodium, or saturated fat and have zero-added water or added sugar. Get all that?

Froozer is not

  • Yogurt. WHY? Nothing against yogurt, but it’s dairy based, contains saturated fats, sugar and sodium. We’re dairy free, have zero saturated fats, added sugar or sodium. Zero. Zilch.
  • A Popsicle. WHY? A popsicle is water based, contains artificial flavors, added fruit juices, and artificial colors. Our products contain zero-added water, artificial flavors, added fruit juices or articificial colors. #MicDrop
  • Ice Cream. WHY? Ice cream is dairy based, contains saturated fats, added sugar and artificial flavors. We’re dairy-free, have zero saturated fats, zero added sugar, and no artificial flavors.
  • Freshly-harvested fruit
    picked at its peak of

  • Flash frozen whole and
    blended into tasty

  • Devoured by kids and
    adults alike.

A look inside the

Made with 100% whole fruit AND
no sugar added makes Froozer®
the tasty snack you can feel good
about giving the whole family.