Orange Zinger

36 calories

Orange Zinger is one of the most popular flavors enjoyed by your entire family. Orange Zinger blends the great taste of perfectly ripened oranges with mangos, grapes and apples to deliver a tart and sweet taste with a creamy texture. Oranges are known to be rich vital antioxidants and dietary fiber. Orange Zinger is naturally high in Vitamin C, providing 25% of the recommended daily amount in each serving.

5 ingredients

Oranges, Grapes, Mangos, Apples, and less than 1% Guar/Acacia (a natural source of fiber).

Simple Ingredients. Real Nutrition.

And Less than 1% guar/acacia (a natural source of fiber). Yep, that’s it!

  • all-natural
    whole fruit
  • dairy
  • no
  • no sugar
  • no juice or
  • Gluten
  • Gmo

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