Healthy Children’s Eating Habits: Building Smart Choices at a Young Age for Whole Nutrition

When it comes to healthy children’s eating habits, it is great to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle at a young age to help it be easier to maintain whole nutrition.  Even if you have work to do on your own diet, implementing a healthie Read More →

Healthy Fruit Snacks in a Flash

When your kid asks for “fruit snacks,” what comes to mind? If it’s those fruit-flavored, fun-shaped gummies, you’re not alone. And while no one can deny their fruity deliciousness, even the healthiest gummies aren’t exactly the ideal sna Read More →

4 Reasons Juice ISN’T The Best Option For Kids

Juice has always been a no-brainer option to give your kids – they love it, it’s easy and healthy-ish. But did you know 1 in 3 parents of young children believe juice is at LEAST as healthy as whole fruit (source: Read More →

Froozer Frozen Fruit Snack Photo Contest Official Rules (“Official Rules”)

Froozer Frozen Fruit Snack Photo Contest Official Rules (“Official Rules”)

Sponsored by: Cool Frootz LLC (“Sponsor”). No purchase or obligation necessary.

Agreement: Participation in th Read More →

Why Frozen Fruits Are Important to Whole Nutrition

Frozen food often gets a bad reputation for being less healthy and nutritious than fresh fruits and vegetables. You may find yourself asking “Is frozen fruit healthy?” every time you hear someone advertise a frozen fruit bar or promote adding Read More →