Healthy Children’s Eating Habits: Building Smart Choices at a Young Age for Whole Nutrition

When it comes to healthy children’s eating habits, it is great to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle at a young age to help it be easier to maintain whole nutrition.  Even if you have work to do on your own diet, implementing a healthier lifestyle is a perfect way to bond with your family with a beneficial initiative. Everyone will feel better and can encourage each other to make smart decisions. Below are 4 ways to help your children learn how to steer clear from junk food and enjoy making smart food choices:

  • Introduce and Let Them Choose: We can’t expect children to like every food they are given. No one enjoys everything! However, the more foods you try, the more likely you are to find something that you enjoy eating. For kids, offer them new fruits and vegetables often. Introduce them in all kinds of ways. Wondering how? Check out these 26 Food Swaps to make You Healthier from BuzzFeed. Often times, you can disguise certain foods in recipes!
  • Team Effort: Make a healthier lifestyle of whole nutrition a family affair! When you meal plan for the week, incorporate everyone’s ideas. Set up a family meal planning meeting each week and let everyone share his or her ideas. This is the perfect way for both parents and kids to get foods they like in their meals each week. You could even work the conversation into your normal family dinners. Another way to make the process more involved for everyone is to cook together as a group. Allow your children to learn the process, from food prep to putting it on the table. It will be easier to get them on board with healthy eating habits when it is something they are a part of.
  • Encourage Healthy Snacks: As you and your family eat throughout the day, be sure to always have healthy snacks on hand. Having fruits such as apples, bananas and grapes readily available, or vegetables like broccoli or baby carrots, is a great way to encourage snacking. Frozen fruits are also a great item to have on hand – and perfect for smoothies! This is a much healthier alternative for snacks rather than allowing your little ones to eat chips, cookies, sugary soda, etc. Plus, it will help keep them feeling good and be more attentive.
  • Kick Off the Day Right: A nutritious breakfast is the ideal way to start off your children’s day. According to Healthy Children, children that eat a quality breakfast are overall much healthier. It provides them the nutrients they need and helps them start their day right. It is important to make sure they have plenty of protein, whether it be eggs, yogurt or a healthy cereal (avoid sugary cereals). Frozen fruit smoothies are also a great way to supplement your breakfast, from strawberry and banana smoothies to blueberry and raspberry.

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