4 Reasons Juice ISN’T The Best Option For Kids

Juice has always been a no-brainer option to give your kids – they love it, it’s easy and healthy-ish. But did you know 1 in 3 parents of young children believe juice is at LEAST as healthy as whole fruit (source: Washington Post)? While some juice does contain vitamins and promises of whole fruit, too much of it in kids’ diets can actually lead to some not-so-good habits (and health outcomes). A tasty, healthy alternative? Froozer! Kids love the taste and you’ll love what’s inside since it’s made with 100% whole fruit, is all-natural and has no-sugar added.

So while it IS completely okay for the kiddos to drink the liquid gold in moderation, we’ve rounded up a few reasons you might want to re-think just how much they imbibe.

  1. They Crave More Sugar. More Often.

There are some habits we grow out of as we age, but what we eat and drink as kids often stick with us. Take juice for example; consuming the sugary stuff from the time kids start using sippy cups creates a hard-to-break habit and decreases the likelihood that they’ll choose good ole H20, instead (source: CNN).


  1. Devouring Excess Calories Is a Lot Easier in Liquid Form

There are lots of juices that contain servings of fruit. And while that may sound promising, CNN reports that relying on fruit in liquid form too heavily could translate to kids consuming more daily calories than they need. And while they may love the taste, kids are actually just drinking a lot of sugar water instead of getting the vitamins and nutrients that foods like whole fruit provides (source: CNN).

  1. No Matter How You Slice It, Juice Doesn’t Have the Same Benefits as Whole Fruit

Put simply, you just can’t beat whole fruit. BabyCenter shared that juice often has less protein and fiber and is higher in sugar, so it’s less filling. The result? Kids are hungry for more. Luckily, Froozer has the delicious taste kids crave AND the nutrition you want.

  1. Juice – in excess – Can Lead to Tooth Decay

In addition to brushing and flossing, there are staple foods we try to limit giving our kids to help prevent cavities and other oral health concerns. Things like chocolate, candy, and soft drinks to name a few. Well, BabyCenter says it’s time to add juice to the list. Juice is laden with sugar, so too much of it over time can lead to tooth decay.